PiCar-V Servo Question

I’m still working on getting my PiCar-V going. The car is built and I’ve downloaded enough software to get it to a starting point, running it remotely from my PC. While I’m working through total operational control, the one thing I noticed is that during the initial servo test, the servo pivoted just fine and ended up in the middle of its range. But not at the 90 degree mark…it’s off by several degree. Without forcing it manually and risking breaking the servo, is there another way to make the minor adjustment in its centering point?

I’m not very clear about what you mean. If the initial angle of the servo is offset, you can refer to the Calibration section of the tutorial and use the webpage controller to calibrate and adjust the initial angle of the servo: Remote Control — SunFounder PiCar-V documentation If we got it wrong, please add a detailed description, preferably with a picture.