PiCar-X i2s module missing

one of the module that I have to install is called i2s and it seems like its a module to convert speech to text. but this module is neither mentioned in the catalog nor do i have the hardware so i am getting an error. anyone has the same issue?

You are installing robot-hat, vilib, and picar-x in the wrong paths.
They have to be on the same path and have to be installed in order.
Please follow our tutorial to install:
Now you need to uninstall and delete all the installed libraries, or format the SD card, reinstall the Raspberry Pi system, and then go to the Raspberry Pi system terminal to install the code for the downloaded libraries.
Tip: Please follow our tutorial steps to perform:
The first step is to install robot hat:
cd /home/pi/
git clone GitHub - sunfounder/robot-hat: Robot Hat python library
cd robot-hat
sudo python3 setup.py install
Then install vilib: cd /home/pi/
cd /home/pi/
git clone GitHub - sunfounder/vilib: Vision library for python
cd vilib
sudo python3 install.py
Finally, install picar-x: cd /home/pi/
cd /home/pi/
git clone -b v2.0 GitHub - sunfounder/picar-x
cd picar-x
sudo python3 setup.py install
After installing the above three libraries, install the components needed for the i2c amplifier: cd /home/pi/picar-x
cd /home/pi/picar-x
sudo bash i2samp.sh