PICAR-X speaker not working


I’m new to robotics, so thanks in advance for your patience. I’m assembling the PICAR-X and have been going through the Quick Guide on Python section of the documentation site. Everything is installing correctly and I had no issues with zeroing the servo motor.

However, despite installing the i2samp.sh module multiple times, I cannot get the speaker to work. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the speaker connection to the HAT, but nothing seems to be working.

Am I missing something obvious, or is it possible my HAT is faulty?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Did you get an error while installing the i2samp.sh module? If so, please provide us with the error message so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
If possible, we would like you to provide us with a video of the problem.

After you have installed the i2samp.sh module and restarted your system, go back and execute
cd /home/pi/picar-x/example
sudo python3 tts_example.py
Do you hear a sound?
If not, do the following
sudo killall pulseaudio
Go back and run:
cd /home/pi/picar-x/example
sudo python3 tts_example.py
When you install all modules, be sure to follow the steps in our tutorial one by one. Be sure to follow the order before and after.


Thank you for your response. The “sudo killall pulseaudio” command worked for me. The audio is extremely faint however; I’m going to check the documentation to understand volume controls, but at least I know my HAT isn’t a dud.

Appreciate your help!


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