Picar-X New Revision


It seems that the Picar-X has had another revision. I was hoping that someone could tell me how the robot hat and rest of the car differs from previous versions so that I can properly support my students.

  1. Upgrade with battery
  2. Change the appearance to silver oxidation
  3. Module fixing screws upgraded to rivets
  4. Change the PVC gasket to acrylic
  5. Upgrade robot-hat
  6. Compatible with Pi Zero.
    • M2.5x20+6 single pass nylon post changed to M2.5x18+6 single pass nylon post.
    • Add M2.5x30 dual pass nylon post.
    • Add Pi Zero camera cable
  7. Wheel change
  • The inner diameter of the axle is changed to 3.2mm, and the number of 2mm acrylic spacers is increased to 8 (the inner diameter is also changed to 3.2mm).
  • Wheel fixed rivets from R4120 to R30185.
    And so on.