PiCar-X speed reduction and control

Hi everyone!

I have assembled the PiCar-X and am trying to get a computer vision project running. I am trying to capture video and train ML models using frames from the video.

The problem is however, that the car is too fast for me drive using my keyboard. Because of this, my videos are not of high quality, especially when turning. I think I can get better quality videos and frames by slowing down the car. The lowest I am able to get to is, for example, px.forward(10)… which I understand is 10% of the power of the motor. Anything lower than that is not resulting in any further speed reduction. Is there a way to further reduce the speed?


No, DC motor can’t spin too slowly, or it won’t be able to start turning at all. If you still want to lower the speed, you may need to change the motor to a slower gear reduction one. The motor we use is 1:48 ratio ones, for example, you can change to a 1:120 or even slower.

Sure, that makes sense.
Do you have links to where I can buy such (compatible) slow gear motors please?

You can directly search for the keyword “TT motor 1:120” such as Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=TT+motor+1%3A120&crid=33BW50SIFSBMG&sprefix=tt+motor+1+120% 2Caps%2C812&ref=nb_sb_noss_1. But it should be noted that although the motor model is the same, the size of different manufacturers will be slightly different, and it may not be installed. The motor speed will also be different, 1:120 may not be 120:48 times slower than our 1:48. Also, you’ll need to solder the original motor wires to the new motor yourself, unless you can find a motor with XH2.54 2P wires.

Understood. Thank you very much!