Pidog makes loud noise when switched OFF


  1. I assembled the Pidog until step 13. - all OK
  2. I switched the Pidog off and disconnected it from all cables.
  3. When I connect it now with power, but the PI itself switched OFF, it makes a loud noise.
    When I switch the PI ON, the noise is gone.

At first I thought that it is a loud servo, but the only servo connected was not moving and the PI was switched off in anyway. - It sounds like loud white noise.

The only idea I can come up is the loudspeaker or something in connection with loading the battery.
But why? I have no clue.

Please advice

Please provide us with a video of the issue you are facing. This will help us analyze and resolve the problem more effectively.
1.Please check the voltage of the battery and ensure that it is able to charge properly.
2.We suggest reinstalling the Raspberry Pi system and then attempting to boot up the Raspberry Pi again to see if the issue persists.
3.Once it has successfully booted up, please follow the steps in the tutorial to install all the required library codes. You can find the tutorial here:

Following your advice I flashed the SD-Card and started again.
In the process I noticed a couple of things:

  1. The non-stop noise was there again.
    It is the sound on start, when you see the Raspi-Logo on screen, just continously.

But after I zeroed the servos the first time the sound was gone for good, so far.

  1. After the boot is complete I get in the top right corner an error message
    “Failed to load overlay i2s-mmap”

I ran Step 6:
again, but it makes no difference.

But now I heared the voice during step 6.

  1. And finally Ch.4 is always talking about “Raspberry PI 5”.
    My understanding is that 5 is so far not supported.

So, what is the impact of the error?

If the installation of the script is failing, I would recommend trying to install it a few more times, and then rebooting your Raspberry Pi. And then running the sound example code and observing how it performs.Any video recordings of the issue occurring would also be very valuable.

As said, I have sound output.

What kind of error implise the error message, which functionality do I have to check?

We kindly request that you provide us with a video demonstrating the problem and screenshots of any error messages or codes you encounter.