PiPower IN_DT and CHG pins are both low when connected to a charger and fully charged

Hi! I’m using PiPower in my project. I’m reading IN_DT and CHG pins. When the battery is connected but no USB power is provided, both pins are low, as expected. When I plug in a USB C power supply, both pins read high, also as expected. However, when the battery is fully charged (and the red light goes off near the USB connector), both pins read low. That last one seems wrong to me: IN_DT should still be high. It seems I cannot detect when USB power is provided but the battery is fully charged. Please advise. Thanks!

Our field test was normal.
After the battery is fully charged, measure IN_DT is high and CHG is low.

  1. Check whether the input pins are soldered or not, you can use a multimeter to confirm it.
  2. Is the wiring correct, we suggest that you provide us with a clear wiring diagram.
  3. It is possible that the cable is damaged, you try to replace a set of cables to see the results.
    If the above methods, you confirm that there is no error, may be your board has a problem.
    We will arrange to send you a new pipower board.

Thank you for confirming the expected operation. I’ll do some more testing and let you know. I have two more boards arriving soon so I’ll see if it’s just the first board that’s messed up.