Raspberry Pi UPS Input Detect Pin Doesn´t Work

I bought a “SunFounder Raspberry Pi UPS Power Supply” and the “Input Detect Pin” is not working properly with my BananaPi M5. When that pin (IN_DT) is not connected to the Banana Pi it works fine, but when I connect that pin to the physical pin 37 or 38 in the Banana Pi the logical 3.3V drops to 1.5V and when I disconnect the power for the UPS that pin slowly drops to 0V. The Banana Pi works fine when I directly connect 3.3V or 0V to the input pin. What could be the issue here? thanks for your help.


The IN_DT pin is used to determine if the USB power is connected, and it outputs a high signal when USB power is detected.
According to the information you provided, the IN_DT pin is connected to GPIO17 on the BananaPi M5, which corresponds to physical pin 11.
Not quite sure what you mean by connecting to physical pins 37 or 38.

Could you please provide more specific details about your question and let us know what you are currently trying to achieve?
It would be helpful for us to assist you further.
Additionally, recommend referring to the tutorial link for more information:

Thanks for your reply. In the attached image you can see the wiring that I am using because I don’t have more pins available. In this connection I have the physical pin 37 set as input and the voltage in IN_DT drops to 1.5V when is connected. Which could be the problem?

If you want to detect whether a USB power supply is connected, you can detect a high output level when the battery power is low. Please follow the instructions in our tutorial link to do this:Safe Shutdown for Raspberry Pi using PiPower — SunFounder PiPower documentation