Pironman 5 Case stopped working after reboot (Unable to launch pironman5.service)

Hey everyone,

I can’t get the installed Pironman 5 software to run on a raspberry pi 5. It worked initially, until I installed some updates and rebooted. I’ve gone through the steps in the below link, but when I try to manually launch pironman5.service, nothing happens - terminal just hangs like it’s waiting for a response and I’m still unable to change any configuration settings. Anyone run into this issue or have an idea why I can’t launch the background service?


Are you booting the system from an SD card or an SSD?
1.Please connect the display and launch pironman5, take a look at the information on the display screen, and take a photo of the information displayed on the screen to share with us.
2.Suggest you reinstall the system, then install the pironman5 software again, and then try rebooting or powering on/off to see how it’s working.