Pironman setup problems on rasberry 4

Hello, I’m trying to setup the piroman software, having installed before all the needed SWs, like git and python, but, when I run: “sudo python3 install.py”
I get the following:

pironman install process starts

  • update apt… Done
  • update pip3… Done
    Install dependency
  • install python3-smbus… Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/home/pi/pironman/install.py”, line 161, in
    File “/home/pi/pironman/install.py”, line 84, in install
    do(msg=“install %s”%dep,
    File “/home/pi/pironman/install.py”, line 51, in do
    status, result = run_command(cmd)
    File “/home/pi/pironman/install.py”, line 44, in run_command
    result = p.stdout.read().decode(‘utf-8’)
    UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xe8 in position 203: invalid continuation byte

And then the setup process stops.
I have a raspberry 4 with Raspberry OS (Linux 5.15.84-v8+ aarch64), 64 bit. Before running the pironman setup I installed and upgraded git and python.
Anyone having the same problems?

Found the problem: the install.py does not work when the locale is different from utf-8.
In order to succeed you will need to change the line:
result = p.stdout.read().decode(‘utf-8’)
result = p.stdout.read().decode(‘latin-1’)

Anyway, even if the installation finished OK and the pironman looks to be up and running, all the other functions simply don’t work (screen off, on/off button not working etc etc), even if the pironman motherboard looks fine

May I ask what system language you are using? It may be a problem with the system language. Latin has not been tested before and is preparing for testing.

Hello, my locale actually is IT_IT, tha’s why I changed that line in the setup script.
Anyway, I can say it is running since 2 days without problems. It woul be useful to add explanations in order to manage different locales

We have fixed this problem, you can re-pull the code from github and perform the installation again.