Raspberry Pi 5 "undervoltage"

Using the v2 sunfounder PiPower with my Raspberry Pi 5 by connecting using the cable which came together with the package, I get “was undervolted” and “was throttled” using vcgencmd. Charging my Raspberry Pi from a powerbank shows me 7 Watt input on startup and does not bring undervoltage. By the specification, the output of the PiPower should be 5V/3A equalling to 15 Watt. What is the problem?

Please provide us with a video of the issue you are experiencing.
This will help us analyze and resolve the problem more effectively.
1.Please ensure that the battery has sufficient charge.
2.If you are using Pi5 with pipower, it is possible to encounter low battery level notifications.
This is because Pi5’s maximum operating power is 5V 5A, while our pipower V2 has a maximum output of only 5V 3A. Therefore, such a phenomenon may occur.
3.If you are using Pi4/3, you should not experience this issue unless the battery is running low, resulting in a low voltage notification.

Please note that pipower V2 is primarily designed for Pi4/3 devices.

Hi! Thanks for the reply! Are there any items from SunFounder like this, designed for Raspberry Pi 5? The RasPi5 is pretty new so it seems hard to find something online.

We are working on a Pi5-compatible pipower now.