Raspberry Pi Pico Robot Car Kit RDP IIC connector

Hi, can you tell me what the small connector is for the IIC on the RDP, is that something I can order somewhere? I’m assuming that it is I2C0, I see the pins for I2C1 beside it. I’d like to expand using these if possible.

btw nice job on the kit, was straight forward to put together. One bank of sockets for the pico were not straight, but seems to be working with a bit of convincing.

thank you

This little connector is a QWIIC and STEMMA QT compatible excuse, you can find many i2C devices compatible with this connector online.
This interface is the same interface as the other side of the row of pins, just not the same interface, both interfaces are i2C1, GP2, and GP3 pins.

Thank you, I was able to get it working.

In case anyone else is trying, the QWIIC board connector pins are GND V SDA SCL not matching the SCL SDA 3V3 GND pin order. I’m using a premade QWIIC cable from amazon, which appears to match the web standard but I’m no expert, this resulted in yellow to GND, Blue to V, Red to SDA and Black to SCL.

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