Raspberry Pi Pico RDP problem

I recently purchased the Raspberry Pi Pico Robot Car Kit on Amazon, and I started testing the components this week, unfortunately there seems to be a problem.

The connector labeled “Motor 1” on the RDP board doesn’t seem to be working. All other connectors work fine, and all other components (ultrasonic, gray scale, speed sensor, LEDs, etc) work perfectly. Each of the four motors work fine when connected to other ports, but it seems that the “Motor 1” connection is broken. I tested with a multimeter and it is the only connector that reads 0V (whether the signal to turn on the motor is sent)

What is the procedure for getting a replacement RDP board?

It is possible that the Motor 1 interface of the pico RPD board is bad. Please run the motor program, use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the non-working motor interface (Motor 1) and the voltage of one of the working motor interfaces, provide us with pictures or videos of the interface measurement and the multimeter data display, if it is determined that the Motor 1 interface is the problem, we will send you a new pico RPD board.

Motor 1 reads 0.0V whether running or not. The other read 1.x when off and 3.x when on. I contacted support and they are sending a replacement.

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