Servo won't work

Is there a way to reset the whole thing? I did not test the servo before assembling and did the test after assembly. Two servos moved but one did not. Then tried to fix it and the servo axis was shifted multiple times. Now only one servo moves like a clock ticking and other two do not move when I upload test.ino and turn it on.

Will appreciate any help to reset everything, disassemble and then restart from the beginning.

1、Do you have any error messages when you run the code? If there is an error message, please send us a screenshot so that we can locate the problem.
2、You open the Test into a code file and upload it, you will turn on the power and observe the 3 servo status, and whether it is working.
If you haven’t seen the process clearly, you can press the Reset button on the Nano board, the servo will rotate again.
3. Open Lizard_robot and find the statement: int array_setupl = (90,90,90);// Set the original angle of the servo. The three 90s in the array represent the angles of the three servos, with the front foot controlled by servo #1. When the left foot is in the front and the right foot is in the back, the first value of 90 should be subtracted, but do not reduce too much at once. In uploading the code, observe the status of the servos.
Your paper manuals are all described. Follow the tutorial to do it.