Cannot zero servos

I am working on a Raspberry sloth kit. I have followed the directions and cannot get the servos to even register or zero. When I turn on the unit the Pi 3 boots and makes the sounds stated in the direction. However, when I press the reset button to the servo does not even move. I have watched a video posted by Aditya Reddy and when she zeros her servos all the yellow/green lights are off and only the usb light is on. Am I missing something, The instructions are not very clear and any help is appreciated. Thanks

The steering gear is reset to zero by default. The purpose of running the zeroing program is to ensure that it is zeroed, and it will be fixed at the zero point, and will not be accidentally moved during the installation process. After pressing the button and the servo returns to zero, you can plug in a rocker to the servo and try to move it gently. If you can’t move it, it means it has returned to zero. Or you can unplug the servo connection first, and then reconnect the servo by randomly turning it to see if it will return to zero.

Also, please make sure that the robot is powered correctly. The servos cannot be powered by the Raspberry Pi, you need to use batteries, and make sure at least one of the power LEDs on the robot hat shield is lit.

Thanks, the additional information was VERY useful. Learning that the arm could not be moved and zeroed was what I was experiencing. That was the zero point. By unplugging the servo, moving the arm, and reconnecting the servo the servo returned to zero. The automatical zeroing of the servos when the unit boots was an important piece of information that could not be deduced. Thanks again for the quick response.

This is what we should do, hope you can enjoy this robot. :smile: :smile: