PiCarX Reset FAQ Q1 After installing Ezblock OS, the servo can’t turn to 0°?

Where is the Reset button? If you run this code, How do tell the computer which servo to set to Zero?

Check if the servo cable is properly connected and if the Robot HAT power is on.

Press the Reset button.

If you have already run the program in Ezblock Studio, the custom program for P11 is no longer available. You can refer to the picture below to manually write a program in Ezblock Studio to set the servo angle to 0.

Our ezblock OS image has been updated to version 1.2.4, remember to update the firmware on the APP.
1、First you need to install ezblock OS image, burn it to SD card, insert it into Raspberry Pi and start it.
2、When you hear a loud sound, it means the Raspberry Pi starts successfully.
At this time, the servo is connected to the helm, and the angle of the servo is disturbed, then connect the servo’s wiring to P11.
Long press the USR key and don’t release it, then press the RST key, so it enters the servo zeroing state. When the servo responds, it means it has returned to zero, then release the key.

I installed Ezblock OS image and suggests a way to add a desktop so files can be downloaded to customize your program. For example, changing a music file. Please advise.

Sorry, currently ezblock APP does not support custom audio.
You can manually enter the audio name using the text input block.