PiCrawler - Ez OS problem + servo adjustment not startn + question about the HAT

Hello, I have some question about issues which I encoutered during PiCrawler assembly.

  1. I went with Ez OS and stopped during servo adjust step. When I turn on the HAT it loads the system and gives the sound. However when I connect servo to P11 nothing happens.

EDIT : I manged this one with advice from one user where you need to press usr button and rst butron. Yet still Bluetooth doesn’t work. It cannot connect to application (point 2).

  1. I also wonder if my Robot HAT is correct since it looks differently than on images. Is it possible that it is missing bluetooth component? My phone cannot see it in bluetooth search.

Thank you in advance for help.

Can’t connect P11 pin to do zero return adjustment of servo?
You are using ezblock app to control it, you need to install and download the ezblock OS image we specified, burn it to SD card and plug it to Raspberry Pi.
1、First of all, start the robot and wait for the power on, if you hear a loud sound issued, it means that the robot is successfully turned on.
2, the servo is installed on the servo arm, the servo angle will be upset, connected to the p11 pin lead
3, and then hold down the USR key do not let go, then press the zero RST key, you can wait for the servo back to zero. (Hint: before the servo does not return to zero, press and hold the USR key do not let go)
Pay attention to the angle of each part of the assembled spider legs: 45°, 90°, 90°.
Remember that after the assembly angle is controlled, first fix the servo with screws, then unplug the servo cable, then assemble the next servo, and so on to finish assembling the rest of the servo.
After assembling, then calibrate the spider.
Can’t search and connect Bluetooth?
1、What version of Raspberry Pi are you using.
The current robot hat boards remove the Bluetooth module function and use the Raspberry Pi’s Bluetooth to connect. So you need to check whether your raspberry pi has bluetooth function.
(It is recommended to use Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 4 to work with Spider Pi)
2、Do you want APP control.
Please check what version of ezblock OS you have, and what is the version of APP.
3、Your SD card should be installed to burn ezblock OS image:
After installing the image, insert the Raspberry Pi, start the cart.
Open the APP, click search connection, the information searched, is the bluetooth information, click connect.


  1. I’m using raspberry pi 4 so that should be fine.

  2. Version of Ez os is 1.2.3

  3. Version of the app is 3.2.145

For now still no success with Bluetooth.

Thank you in advance for advice.

Can’t search for connection to bluetooth?
1, What version of Raspberry Pi are you using.
Now the robot hat board is remove the bluetooth module function, instead of using the bluetooth of raspberry pi to connect. So you need to check if your raspberry pi has bluetooth function.
2. What brand of cell phone/tablet are you using and what system is it? What is the system version?
Please tell us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
3. We suggest you take a video of the connection process to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.