SunFounder PiCar-V client remote control with http://<RPi_IP_address>:8000 does not work

I have the sever running with sudo ./start, but when I try to run the client on a web browser using http://<RPi_IP_address>:8000/, it tells me that the page cannot be reached and the IP address took too long to respond.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the potential issues and how to resolve them?

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Please check: 1. whether there is an error message on the Terminal where the command is run, it is better to provide us with the information of the Terminal where it is run (text/image) 2. whether picar-v and your computer are in the same LAN .

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Thanks for the help. I’m actually testing the robot using a University-wide wireless network, and I believe it does not work as LAN. We need the robot to run during a class at the University. So I think that’s probably why the above method with http://<RPi_IP_address>:8000/ does not work? Do you know if there is any other way I can use the remote control with Internet instead of LAN?

Many thanks!

It’s best to use a LAN. You can try using your cell phone to send out a hotspot for the robot to connect.