Sunfounder Zeus: Communication via WebSocket

I would like to establish communication via the Websocket between the Sunfounder Zeus and a
python script, such that the python script sends commands to the Zeus like “forward”. How would I need to change the Code of the Sunfounder to do that?

Zeus Car’s ESP32 CAM opens a websocket service upon startup, you can use a python script to set up a client to communicate with it, the commands to control the movement of the car consist of text in json format, for example:
{“Q”:[0,0], “K”:[0,0], “N”:true, “O”:true, “P”:true, “M”:true, “J”:true, “E”:false, “F”:false, “G”:false, “I”: “forward”}
where the key corresponds to the control on the sunfounder controller APP Controlled by APP — SunFounder Zeus Robot Car Kit for Arduino 1.0 documentation

Dear Moderator, I have a similar request to GreyPanda (would like to command the car via my laptop keyboard instead of the app) and I try the following code on python IDE Thonny after reading your answer. My wifi board indicates I’m connected to Zeus_car but I have the following message “ Remote system refused network connection”. Any advice on how to change the code to make it work? Thanks!

The code used on python:

import asyncio
import websockets
import json
import keyboard

async def control_zeus_car(uri, command):
async with websockets.connect(uri) as websocket:
await websocket.send(json.dumps(command))
response = await websocket.recv()
print(f"Received response: {response}")

def get_movement_command():
# Check for key presses and return the corresponding movement command
if keyboard.is_pressed(‘2’):
return {“I”: “backward”}
elif keyboard.is_pressed(‘4’):
return {“I”: “left”}
elif keyboard.is_pressed(‘6’):
return {“I”: “right”}
elif keyboard.is_pressed(‘8’):
return {“I”: “forward”}
return {}

if name == “main”:
# Set the URI of the WebSocket server on the Zeus car
zeus_car_uri = “ws://Zeus_Car:8765”

while True:
    movement_command = get_movement_command()

    if movement_command:
        control_command = {
            "Q": [0, 0],
            "K": [0, 0],
            "N": False,
            "O": False,
            "P": False,
            "M": False,
            "J": False,
            "E": False,
            "F": False,
            "G": False,
            **movement_command  # Merge movement command into the main command

        asyncio.get_event_loop().run_until_complete(control_zeus_car(zeus_car_uri, control_command))

Zeus car can’t be controlled by computer keyboard, you can only use APP, arduino programming, remote control to control it.
We suggest you use APP or remote control to control Zeus car.
Upload zeus-car-main\Zeus_Car\Zeus_Car.ino to arduino, then you can use APP or remote control to control it.
After successfully uploading the program, every time you start Zeus car, you can control it by APP or remote control.