Using Java and Pi4J to program picar-x

Is it possible to program the picar-x using a Raspberry Pi 5, Java and the Java library Pi4J? In other words can all the programming be done from the PI using GPIO pin settings?

The Picar-X is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5.

Theoretically, the Picar-X is compatible with Java programming, but you would need to develop the programming code yourself. Currently, we are using Python code to control the Picar-X, and all of our code libraries are written in the Python programming language.

Is the python source code for Picarx, robot_hat, Vilib, etc. open source or available to look at to potentially port to Java?

Right. Our product Python code is open source.
You can access our source code:SunFounder ยท GitHub
Just search for the relevant code.
GitHub - sunfounder/robot-hat at v2.0
GitHub - sunfounder/vilib: Vision library for python
GitHub - sunfounder/picar-x

I will have a look and see what is involved.

Thank you!