Annoyed that kit is not included in the 3 in 1 kit

As per title. lesson 4 used something not included in the kit.

Do you mean that you did not receive the line tracing module?
We suggest you to check the kit again carefully, if indeed you didn’t receive the line tracing module, we will arrange to send you a replacement.

L298N was not in my kit. Video 6.

It looks quite big.


Sorry for the inconvenience. The kit came with an L298N module at the beginning, but due to supply issues, we switched to an L9110 module, they are both wired differently, but the code is the same, please refer to the online tutorial to connect the motor: basic_project/ar_turn_the_wheel.html

What does the L9110 look like? None of the chips are labelled.


Please check out this image.