Kit for Beginners? 1.1.2 RGB LED

Beginners kit?

I bought this kit to teach myself and my grandkids (15yrs, 6 yrs) basic electronic concepts and coding in Scratch 3 and Python via Raspberry Pi

Granted, I learned on mainframes then on to micros but elementary electronics and beginners coding should be simpler than what you present with few comments as 1.1.2

3rd line sets up a color table in hex. It was not my intent to teach hex.

4th line sets up a dictionary. Is this explained? I had to look it up.

Next we set global variables with no idea what a global variable is or why it is needed

Then drop down a few line then introduce the MAP function? In lesson 1.1.2?

A few more line then you introduce >>

Come on guys I could easily spend a month of Sundays explaining this to a newbee.

This program hurts my head. It is not for a beginner. Certainly not 1.1.2

I’d guarantee that after Sunday #1 my boy will say, “Grandpa, can we do something else?”

I bought the wrong kit. I will use the hardware and write my own code which may not be as elegant but at least it can be taught to a beginner

I’m sorry for the hassle, which model kit did you purchase? Can you tell us the name of the kit?

Raphael was the kit purchased

We recommend you watch this course, this video course was recorded specifically for the Raphael kit.

I understand. I have been working my way through the course. I do not think my grandson would ever sit through even an hour. As I said, I’ll write my own code in a much simpler fashion. Still too many new concepts in the 1.1.2 program. I think I’ll use GPIO zero. Much easier to explain. I believe Paul starts discussing RGB leds at lesson 11. Paul seems like a great guy to me. I doubt a 15 yr old would agree.

I think he just wants to light some lights and move some motors. We will start with scratch 3. He can always go for a computer science degree later in life. In spite of my earlier complaint about parts “small sized” for breadboarding, I believe the hardware is a good selection and worth the cost of the kit.
2.17 full color LED
This code I can explain (in 5 minutes)