Raphael Resistor Wattage

At 66 yrs old I’ve wired many a breadboard. I got this kit to work with my grandkid but the resistors provided are so small as to cause the circuits to be intermittent. Please consider raising the wattage so the leads reflect the size of the other components and jumper wires. Too hard to work with, for no good reason. Hard to teach color code when bands are so small. Once this breadboard is used for a time the resistors at such a small lead diameter will never make good contact. I’ll be starting a digi-key order after I send this comment. Unfortunity, there is no list of resistors included so it will take some time to get a good order. Call me, disappointed

Sorry for the inconvenience, we can provide you with some bigger and thicker resistors for free, our after-sales staff will contact you later.

Resistors arrived 12 days later. Bought others