DHT-11 with Raspberry Pi 5


I got the Raphael kit last week and have been trying get the DHT-11 sensor to work with my Raspberry Pi 5.
I’ve found out so far that the RPi.GPIO module (included with the SunFounder tutorial for the DHT-11 does not work with the RP5.
Been trying to use the Adafruit-DHT module instead, however the sensor is not detected when the program is run.
The wiring has been triple checked, can’t see any errors there.

Anyone actually got the DHT-11 sensor working on a RP5?

Unfortunately, the DHT-11 sensor is not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5 at this time.
We have a compatibility distinction on the online tutorial for the Raphael kit, you can move over to the tutorial to see that some of the modules are compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5.