Doc. typo for AT32F415CBT7 Flash, clock frequency ambiguity

  1. Flash memory typo could confuse customers that may want to evaluate DIY replacement boards as a learning exercise.

Website notes, “AT32F415CBT7 … 256KB of Flash memory”

Artery specifies 128 kB Flash for AT32F415CBT7.

  1. Clock frequency ambiguity might challenge customers interested in estimating power consumption as a learning exercise. For practical purposes, the motors and RPi will eclipse power used by Robot HAT. For education purposes, details matter & offer a learning opportunity.

Website notes, “maximum clock frequency of 150MHz”

In table 17 on page 37, typical current drawn by AT32F415 at 8 MHz is 3.84 mA & 43.5 mA at 150 MHz.

Should website reflect frequency of Robot HAT’s actual YXC crystal / oscillator?

Thank you.

robot_hat uses the AT32F415C8T7, not the AT32F415CBT7.
An external 8MHz crystal is used, the definition of HSE_VALUE can be found in the Inc/stm32f1xx_hal_conf.h file, you can observe the crystal on the PCB, located next to the chip.

I appreciate the info. I’ll consider ordering a AT32F415CCT7 for a pin-compatible replacement.

Does your response confirm a need to correct On-Board MCU — SunFounder Robot HAT documentation?

Yes, thanks for the heads up. We’ll reconfirm the information and revise the online tutorial.