Error with example on Picrawler

When I launch the example with the Picrawler kit on raspberry (Pi4), the program seems to run normally but the following error message is printed endlessly :
“coordinates out of controlled range”
It seems that this message follows the call to the function crawler.do_step() !
How to avoid this error message ?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Please send us a screenshot of the error message.
Coordinates out-of-range error message?
Please make sure your servo is correctly adjusted back to zero, and that you are not reporting an error when performing other action examples.
If you have not done the servo adjustment correctly, please follow the tutorial at

You can seee the eroor message on the console with the shell and with the python debugger (VNC) where you can see the arguments passed to the routine.
Calibration was done successfully and the program is well running but the message is endlessly displayed when the routine is called. This is the only one routine, all others seem to be OK !

Regarding the out-of-range information printed on the shell command line, this is the normal case. Out of coordinate range, it will take the maximum value in the range. If you remove the printing information, you need to change the code: cd ~/picrawler/picrawlersudo nano picrawler.pyGo to the file and comment out the line of code in the picture, save it and exit.

After executing: cd ~/picrawlersudo python3 install
and then run
The error message that appears in the python debugger is a pygame version issue that causes the error, but it does not affect normal work. If you want to get rid of the error, you need to run sudo pip3 install -U pygame==2.1.2 on the shell command line and then run the code.

OK with you but it seems that editing the file is not sufficient because the error message is still printed after modification. Maybe there is a setup or something like that to run ???

I modified a reply above, you check it again.

Thank you very much. It is working now.

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