Finding the MAC address of a Pico-4wd-v2 car

I have assembled a Pico-4wd-v2 car and I can connect to it and control it.
I would like to try and have it connect to my WiFi instead of creating an AP.
I can change the code to give it access to my WiFi but my router has a MAC filter so I’d need to add the MAC of the car and explicitly grant it access.
I saw that the network module is not available in the preinstalled MicroPython.
If I understand this correctly the code communicates with the WiFi driver via UART directly.
Is there a way to retrieve the MAC address?

You can first use your cell phone or computer with a wif function to turn on the hotspot, let the pico-4wd connect, and from the device to turn on the hotspot can check the MAC address of the connected device.

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