Pico-4WD - Buffering Issue?

One of my students has built the Pico-4WD Car. We are using a Pi-W for the wi-fi capability, etc. However, whenever we run the app_control.py file, it gives the following error and will not connect to the phone app:

buf error: b’’

Then, after a while, a traceback error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 18, in
File “ws.py”, line 30, in init
File “ws.py”, line 76, in set
File “ws.py”, line 35, in read

We set up the kit exactly as instructed on the SunFounder documentation. Any ideas?

Do you mean the PICO 4wd cart, you are using the PICO W, and then when you run the app_control.py script, it reports an error.

  1. Did you follow the tutorial to upload the library to PICO?
    3. Upload the Libraries to Pico (Optional) — SunFounder pico_4wd_car documentation
  2. Please give us the screenshot and recorded video of your steps to run the code and connect with the app, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

So, I didn’t see the extra code libraries originally, so I’ve added those in. Now, when I run app_control.py, it pulls a different error code. Screenshot below:

Which version of pico-4wd cart do you have, please provide a picture of the product.
I see that you are using both pico-4wd and pico-4wd V2.0 codebase, it is recommended that you select the specified codebase according to the product version.
The error is an overrun error.

  1. Please check whether the WiFi name and password you configured are entered correctly.
  2. Please check whether the network you configured can be used normally.