Problem with Thonny

I don’t know what to do. It shows me that error and I don’t understand as Im a begginer in this world. If someone cand help me I’d apreciate it. Sorry if I have commited some error writing, im spanish.

I don’t know what product you are using.
Please follow the steps at the link to reinstall RPI-RP2:

Im using Pico-4wd Car Kit. I have already followed the steps but at the moment to insall Micro Python this error appears.

You can try to manually drag and drop the installation to see if you can solve the problem.
1、First go to our tutorial 2. Install MicroPython on Your Pico — SunFounder pico_4wd_car documentation
Find the official Raspberry Pi method click on:

2、 after entering the page, find Raspberry Pi Pico click to download:

Please look carefully at the motion picture, it is the operation of the steps behind.

After downloading the rp2-pico-20230422-unstable-v1.19.1-1019-g9e6885ad8.uf2, press and hold the BOOTSEL button, then connect the Pico to your computer via the Micro USB cable. Release the BOOTSEL button after your Pico is installed as a mass storage device named RPI-RP2.

3、Just drag and drop the file you downloaded to the RPI-RP2 in the figure, and then open the Thonny IDE without installing it.

It worked!! Thank you so much!

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