Just Built up a Raspad 3 with Raspberry PI 5 for SDR projects

Hi all, I can tell you that the Raspad 3 works with the RPI 5 with some caveats. I am also running the Raspian Bookworm OS with KDE Plasma Mobile. One issue is you can not power down the Raspad 3 from the UI. Since the PI 5 button is there the unit will proceed with the init 0 and power back up again.
I have to hit the power button when I see Raspad 3 completed shutdown. I am going to see if I can mask off the input to the power switch with a firmware setting. Another caveat is the speakers need to be upgraded. Has anyone found high fidelity laptop speakers that will fit in the case ? The power cable connector needs to be a right angle if the Raspad 3 is going to sit neat on a desk.

Now the good news. UI rotation with KDE Plasma Mobile works great. You can rotate the screen withing the UI Display settings and the touch settings automatically adjusts without updating the map coordinates. Wow. it just works. I started configuring SDR apps. One app with all the decoders built in is OpenWebRX+… works fine. I decoded some WEFAX maps, monitored Police, Shortwave, FM Broadcast, 2m, 10m … and Flex Pagers. It worked. CubicSDR, GQRX … all work. SDRPP is in process. I have compiled it along with several decoders. There’s some missing header files in Github for the SSTV, Meteor, and Weather Satellite demod modules so I contacted the project lead on GitHub. Hopefully the repo will be updated soon.
I started to load code up that I would use on a tablet. Dia, KiCad, Spyder, LibreOffice, VLC, KdenLive… all work. I can’t believe the RPI5 is fast enough to edit video with KdenLive. The KDE Plasma Mobile virtual keyboard has some keys missing… arrow up, arrow down, arrow left, arrow right, ctrl, alt… missing. I am looking to see if there’s parameters I can add to the configuration file to add them.
Battery life. The device needs 3x the battery life it has now. If we can add two more of the same battery bank in parallel then we have a win. Or… perhaps rebundle a LiOn pack in triangular fashion ?
All in all, this is a great start. the Raspad 3 has all the features that I would want to start a homebrew Raspberry PI tablet.

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