Plugged in RASPAD 3 there was a fizzle then smoke HELP

So my raspad 3 has been doing very well until about a week ago it started with not turning off no matter if I pushed the button held it for 3 seconds or held it for half hour the pi would turn off and that’s it the fan would keep running until the battery went dead nothing I could do about it I tried Google the problem many time in many ways with no luck. So anyway that aside I guess I can cope, plugged it in charge this morning after about 5 seconds I heard a sizzle and saw a little smoke coming from the ports so I quickly took the charger out and it was still smoking and sizzling so I had to quickly open the case lucky I had everything to hand and quickly get it open before there was a fire and in doing so broke the SD card holder too… I checked and double checked the charger and it’s original with no breaks or visible damage what so ever it’s always been looked after. Nothing stuck in the charge port ect I take good care of my things. I couldn’t see any issues at all I did as I would have always done however this time with a little more sparkle. I’m wondering if I could find out the part in the photo that seems to been the burnt out part and replace it? Or is there somewhere I can buy new internals rather than fork out for a while new pad I don’t 2have the money for thanks

This situation requires a replacement motherboard, please contact our after-sales email, and we give you a free replacement motherboard.

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Hi thank you so much I’d be lost without my pad I’m really greatfull that you offer replacement!

I sent an email to the email you provided with my address and screen shots of this email as well as my post…

How long would a delivery to the UK normally take?

Also regarding the broken SD card part that happened in the process is there a link to somewhere I can purchase that separately I could probably fix it and it doesn’t look too damaged but I’d rather new to be on the safe side.

Thank again


This link allows you to purchase an SD card for the Raspberry Pi:
In addition, when a replacement motherboard is sent out, it is usually 8-10 days to receive the package.