RasPad3 Touchscreen and USB port not functioning

I’ve recently received a RasPad3 as a gift that was purchased via Amazon. I’ve installed my RPi 4 that I’ve been using for several months and when I powered up the RasPad3, the RasPad3 display shows the Linux desktop, but the RasPad3’s touchscreen and USB ports were not functioning.

I’ve read a number of forum postings on the RasPad Forum and understand that the provided USB cable could be the problem. So I purchased a 6-foot long USB 3.0 USB-A to USB-A cable and connected the RPi 4 USB 3.0 port to the RasPad3 main board’s internal USB 3.0 port using this new cable. Now when I power up the RasPad3 with my new cable installed, the touchscreen and the RasPad’s external USB ports all seem to function properly.

I’ve attempted messaging the user “RasPad Support” on the RasPad Forum, but since there haven’t been any postings on that forum for over 2 years (except for one about 2 months ago), I’m guessing that the RasPad Forum may not be monitored any more. Also, I could not see any method of adding a new posting on the RasPad Forum (i.e. New Post button.)

Would it be possible for me to get a replacement USB cable for connecting the RPi to the RasPad’s main board?

Thank You

P.S. - I just left a similar message via your “Contact Us” page, as I thought that it might be a more direct route. Thanks

A new USB 3.0 USB-A to USB-A cable will need to be reshipped to you. Our after-sales team will contact you later.

I’ve received the new cable that your after-sales team sent me and have installed it. Kudos to Bonnie on the after-sales team for getting the new cable sent out so quickly! The RasPad3 touchscreen and the USB ports are now all functioning.

Thanks for your help in getting my new RasPad3 up and running.

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