Lights out on the Pironman NVMe PIP

Hi all;
What am i missing? There are no leds on when I plug in the NVMe board, even with out a NVMe stick. The four pins appear to pass through properly from the power board underneath. Wiggling makes no difference.

Otherwise it works great!

Do you have the ribbon cable oriented properly?

Pretty sure I do. The black ends are facing correctly. The power led would likely light regardless, I’d think. (I have been wrong before!)

1.Appreiciate you can provide a video so we can know the issue well.
2.Please check that the FPC cable connecting your PI5 to the NVMe PIP is properly connected. You can refer to the steps shown in the video to confirm the connection.

3.You could try replacing the FPC cable with a spare one and see if that resolves the issue.

Thabk you for the suggestion!

I didn’t have sucess with the other cable either, unfortunately!

Power (correct voltage) is getting to the board , measured 5v (correct polarity) at the base of the pin connector (solder points) on the pip board.

If no NVMe is not present or cable is not present, it still doesn’t looked powered up.

Power LED has no voltage.

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You need to insert an SSD. The Pironman NVMe PIP is an adapter for the SSD.
Since I haven’t seen you mention whether you have connected an SSD or not, please let us know what specification of SSD you are using.
Regarding the compatibility of Pironman5 with certain SSDs, our tutorial link has the relevant reference information. Please check the tutorial:Compitable NVMe SSD — SunFounder Pironman documentation

I’m using this one:

Crucial P3 Plus 2TB PCIe Gen4 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD, up to 5000MB/s - CT2000P3PSSD8

The compatible list lists “Crucial P3 Plus M.2”.
So I thought it was OK. Is that not the case? Or is that hard to tell?

Do you enable PCIe into \boot\firmware\config.txt, as shown in tutorial? Booting from NVMe SSD — SunFounder Pironman documentation

1.Weirdyguy is correct.
Please follow the steps in our online tutorial:
If booting from an SSD, the PCIe connector is not enabled by default. (As shown in the image)
2.Configure booting from the SSD:
sudo rpi-eeprom-config --edit
Change the BOOT_ORDER line to the following:
3.After configuring the settings, restart and boot up pironman5. During the boot process, observe the status of the Pi5 NVMe PIP indicator lights.
STA: Status LED indicator.
PWR: Power LED indicator.
In the working state, the PWR LED will be a solid green light, and the STA LED will be flashing orange.

No dice! Those entries are already there. I toggled the dtparam=pciex1_gen=3 as well.
No lights; no device.

Please contact We will arrange tosend you a NVMe PIP board.