OLED screen displaying "Power off" and LED strip not working


I recently purchased the Pironman case through Amazon to use it with a Raspberry Pi 4.

It is now fully assembled and installed following the instructions, but I’m facing 2 issues :

  • When starting the RPI, the OLED screens lights up and display the RPI information, but after a couple of seconds, it displays “Power off”.
    When executing any “pironman” command like “pironman -al on” or "pironman -s 60) (as stated on the OLED screen page of the instruction site), the screen displays the stats but then goes back to displaying “Power off” when the RPI clearly isn’t shutting down.
    Even after shutting down the RPI through the UI menus, the display still shows “Power off”.

  • The LED strip doesn’t light up at all, no matter if I execute commands, reboot the RPI or anything.

The cabling for both devices is the following :

Can you help me with these issues ?


If you are using an external power supply to power the pironman’s motherboard and the system frequently reboots or fails to start the Raspberry Pi, or the OLED screen shows “power off”, you can use two power supplies to power the Raspberry Pi and the pironman’s motherboard separately, and it is recommended to use either the official Raspberry Pi power supply or a 5V 3A power adapter. We recommend you to use the official Raspberry Pi power supply, or a 5V 3A power adapter.

Please check if the motherboard shorting tab is connected to IO10 pin, if not, please connect the shorting tab to IO10 pin. (Default IO10 pin)


I purchased an official Raspberry Pi power supply that I received today and tried to use it these ways :

  1. Plug it on the Raspberry Pi side USB-C power connector : no change, still displays “Power off” after a few seconds and the LED strip is still off despite running the commands.

  2. Plug it on the motherboard back USB-C power connector : the displays no longer switches to displaying “Power off”, but the display’s brightness oscillates and the LED strip still doesn’t light up.

  3. When plugging the official Raspberry Pi power supply on the back connector and another supply on the side power connector, the display’s brightness no longer oscillates, but the LED strip is still constantly off, the commands “pironman -rw on/off” don’t have any effect on it.

After checking, the shorting tab is indeed plugged onto the IO10 pin on the motherboard since the initial assembly.

Is there anything to check if the LED strip responds to communication ?


Reply 1: If you connect the external power supply directly to the Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi will get power while the pironman motherboard will not get power, so the OLED screen will show “power off”. So you need to connect your external power supply to the type-C connector on the pironman motherboard, or both the pironman motherboard and the Raspberry Pi should be connected to the power supply.

Reply 2: If the OLED screen brightness fluctuates after connecting the power supply to the type-C input connector of the pironman motherboard, the problem may be caused by insufficient power supply.
We will arrange to send you a new motherboard.

Reply 3: RGB lights not working?
You may have cloned the wrong code branch, please check if your pironman code branch is bit v2.0.
cd ~/pironman
git branch
If not please switch to v2.0 and reinstall:
git checkout v2.0
sudo python3 install.py
In the v2.0 code, the IO10 (spi) pin is used by default to drive rgb.
The command to change the rgb IO is pironman -rp 10.
Check if the IO short connector on the motherboard is properly connected.