Pironman V2 Case - OLED (Power Off) & RGB Lights not working & Power Button

Love the case and everything that goes with it. Except the power button does not work (holding or pushing the button does nothing). The OLED screen only shows [Power Off]. I can do (sudo pironman -al on). The OLED screen shows the temp, ip address, and cpu and then in 2 seconds the OLED screen shows [Power Off] again. The RGB lights does absolutely NOTHING… not even a blink…
I have the Pironman V2 with Pi 8gb board. OH Fyi… the SSD works perfectly I am booting from it as we speak. Please any ideas would be helpful…
Thank You

Please provide a video of the problem to us so that we can easily analyze the problem.
Where is your power supply connected? The power supply needs to be connected to the power connector of the pironman motherboard, not directly to the power connector of the Raspberry Pi, so that it can supply power to the Raspberry Pi, and cannot supply power to the pironman motherboard.
Because the OLED screen, fan, RGB are all based on the pironman motherboard work, if the motherboard can not get power, the OLED screen, fan, RGB can not work properly.

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OK… I have to give sunfounder team props… not only did I get a quick response about my issue with my case, they really made a great product. I realized why the rgb lights and oled screen and power button was not working correctly… I plugged the power into the PI 4 not the pironman board in the back of the case… NOOB mistake… Love the case sunfounder…

Glad to hear you got it sorted, cheers.