No power from Pironman to Raspberry Pi

Please, I got your product from Amazon 3rd of this month and I must say that I love the product. The design and quality of material is on point. As of today, 30th July 2023, I noticed that my Pi 4 is not getting power supply from the Pironman board. The following are what I have tried so far to solve the problem, but none worked.

  1. Reassembly of the board.
  2. Updated the software on the Pironman Board.
  3. Changed to a different USB c power cable.

Things tested to narrow down the problem.

  1. Plugging the power directly to the Raspberry Pi and another supply to the Pironman board makes everything function normally. But If the power supply is connected to only the Pironman board, the light on the raspberry shows up for a second and then goes off and nothing shows up.

  2. With the power supply connected only to the Raspberry Pi, the Pi boots correctly from SSD on the Pironman, the LED display turns on with the default IP, CPU, and storage information. However, after about 5 seconds it changes to “POWER OFF” without going off.

(if I am not mistaken) This shows that part of the board is working fine, except that I cannot power the Raspberry Pi from the Pironman board.

  1. I tested the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi with the fan and that works fine as well.

I have attached my logs and a video for reference. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

If you are experiencing problems with the power supply and the OLED screen says “power off”, please use two separate power supplies for the Raspberry Pi and the pironman motherboard.
Please use two power supplies to power the Raspberry Pi and the pironman motherboard separately.
It is recommended that you use the Raspberry Pi’s official 5V 3A power supply.
It is recommended that you do not connect too many output devices to the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi.
This may lead to insufficient power supply problems.


Thank you very much for your quick response. When I use two separate power supplies for the Raspberry Pi and the pironman motherboard, everything works fine. The official power supply output specification is 5.1V~3.0A 15W and I have 5.0V~3.0A 15W. Not sure if the 0.1V makes any difference.

Regarding the output devices, I only have the SSD connection from which the Pi boots. I went ahead to remove the SSD and tried to boot from the SD card to test the power sufficiency. However, it did not work either.


Based on the provided recommendation, I have acquired the official Raspberry Pi power supply; however, regrettably, power is still not reaching the Raspberry Pi from the Pironman motherboard.

At this juncture, I hold the belief that there may be an issue with my version of the motherboard. Notably, it functioned seamlessly during the initial weeks following its acquisition, but subsequently, the Pironman board ceased to adequately supply power to the Raspberry Pi.

I have a deep appreciation for my current setup and sincerely wish to resolve this matter promptly. Therefore, I kindly request any assistance that the community can offer in addressing this difficulty. Your support and guidance in this regard will be immensely valued and appreciated.

If you are using an external power supply to power the pironman’s motherboard and the system frequently reboots or fails to start the Raspberry Pi, or the OLED screen shows “power off”, you can use two power supplies to power the Raspberry Pi and the pironman’s motherboard separately, and it is recommended to use either the official Raspberry Pi power supply or a 5V 3A power adapter. It is recommended that you use the Raspberry Pi’s official power supply, or a 5V 3A power adapter.

I literally have this same exact issue. This is actually the second unit where this has happened to me within the 3 weeks of owning this. Am I receiving defective boards or is this a problem with the software?
did you ever figure this out? Im experiencing the exact same issue. Mine happened after disconnecting it for the first time

It should be the problem of motherboard power supply, please contact after-sales customer service e-mail (, we have someone to follow up to help you send a new motherboard.