Pironman power issue

I just set up my Pironman case and got the software installed. It appeared to work just fine, but when I powered down, it will not come back on. I can force it with power direct to the raspberry Pi board, but then the OLED screen says POWER OFF.

Any fix for this?

Pironman’s boot working principle: Since the Raspberry Pi itself has no power on and off control, it can only be turned on by powering on the Raspberry Pi. Therefore, after the Raspberry Pi is turned off, Pironman will disconnect the power of the Raspberry Pi, and power on the Raspberry Pi to start the Raspberry Pi when it is turned on. If you supply power to Raspberry Pi and Pironman at the same time, after shutting down, because Raspberry Pi is plugged in additionally, it is always powered on, so Pironman has no way to start Raspberry Pi by powering on Raspberry Pi.

You can also just connect the power supply to the motherboard of the chassis, because the power can be sent to the Raspberry Pi through the motherboard, so that the Raspberry Pi can work normally.

The problem is that if I connect it correctly, with just the power in the back to the control board, I can’t get it to power back on.

I don’t quite understand what you mean.
If you press and hold the power button to shut down, then connect the power supply to the chassis,
It will not start the case, and you need to short-press the power switch to start the case.