Pironman board gets no power. Plugging Pi directly gets (power off) on screen

I literally have this same exact issue that another person was dealing with:

This is actually the second unit where this has happened to me within the 3 weeks of owning this. Am I receiving defective boards or is this a problem with the software?

I spent 45 minutes setting all the lights up the way I wanted it to. Then I disconnected it and placed it on the self. But when I plugged it back in nothing happening.

I previously was able to plug power into the pironman board and it would work. But now it doesn’t work. Nothing happens. I then plugged power into the raspberry pi from the side of the case and the raspberry pi turned on but no pironman lights turned on and the LCD screen says “power off”.

I tried tried plugging in two OEM power supplies to raspberry pi + pironman board and that didn’t work either.

Why has the pironman board stopped working all of a sudden? What are the commands to remove pironman program and I can try to reinstall. But that still doesn’t make sense why the pironman power supply connector stopped working.

It should be the problem of motherboard power supply, please contact after-sales customer service e-mail (service@sunfounder.com), we have someone to follow up to help you send a new motherboard.