New Pironman Installed everything, OLED says "Power Off", no RGB, No Power Button Function or LED

Just purchased a Pironman case for my RP4b 8GHZ, followed all assembly instructions and added the software to a fresh build of Raspberry Pi OS. Can only power unit from USB-C port on the RaspPi, power port on the SSD card does not work. When unit boots up on the OLED screen, i see the stats display show for several seconds, then it displays “power off”. No RGB lightting is working and the power button is not illuminated. Pressing the power button has no effect. I used a meter to OHM out the GPIO header extension and all the pins appear to be going to the right place. Please contact me to help troubleshoot what is wrong with my new case. Thanks, David LaVigne

1, please confirm that you received is pironman or pironman V2 it, the two versions of the installation of pironman service is not consistent Oh.

2, the motherboard is connected to all short pieces of good?
3, please provide a clear video of the problem to us, to facilitate our analysis to solve the problem.
4, can not be connected to the Raspberry Pi and the motherboard at the same time external power supply, the correct way to power the motherboard is to connect external power supply.

Thank You for getting back to me, I have verified that I have the Pironman first version (not V2).

I got everything working, took everything back apart re seated the jumpers on the pironman motherboard, put everything back together. I was able to get the power button to work when the power was plugged into the motherboard. Once it booted, I loaded the pironman software by the instructions for the original version (Not V2) and everything is working. Thank you for the support.

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