Pironman LED’s randomly turn white and power button doesn’t work

So I just got the case, and the light works but every once in a while, the LED’s turn white randomly and then they work for a few seconds the color and animation, then it turns white again. But then, the power off button does not work at all. How do I fix this?

I figured out how to fix the off button but the other things don’t work.

turns out I was using the power button wrong. But the leds still turn white. Here is a video of it:https://drive.google.com/file/d/12cgExMVxh5QYl4Wqrh_IFzC67q1-r_fS/view?usp=sharing


  1. It may be the problem of conflict of pwm pins in the system, is there any other program using the pins of rgb light.
  2. rgb lamp pin is optional, default use IO10 pin, please make sure the pin is correct .
  3. Please use “sudo pironman -c” and “sudo cat /boot/config.txt” commands and provide us with the output printout so that we can confirm the problem.

@SunFounder_Moderator I got a replacement one but I cannot test it because for some reason I think the old one messed with the raspberry pi and the raspberry pi has solid red and green color on it and it is not ably to connect to the pironman case or to hdmi and a keyboard or mouse does not connect to it.

In your case, it may be related to the software or system configuration, please make sure that the rgb lamp shorting tab is connected to the IO10 pin, and re-execute the pironman installer. Also the pironman housing only fits pi4.

I am using the pi4. Even if it is not connected to the case, it still pops up with solid red and green leds. I got a replacement case and thought it would work, it did, but it blinks once when I press the power button then turns immediately off.

Please provide us with a video of the problem so that we can easily analyze the solution.