Pironman Start Up Automatically When Power Applied

Is there any way I can configure Pironman to ALWAYS start up when power is applied – without button press – no matter whether or not it was powered on before? I’m using it in a remotely controlled situation.

I’m not quite sure what you mean.
If you’ve previously shut down using the power button, you must turn it on using the power button.
If you shut it down by directly unplugging the power, it will start up once you plug it back in, without the need to press the power button again.
Other than that, there’s no way to remotely control the power on/off.

Thanks, I believe you understood correctly.

So if I either accidentally or intentionally issue the shutdown command on the Pi, or if a programming error or other problem causes a shutdown to be executed, there is no possible way to restart the box without pressing the power button?

My use is home automation and monitoring. I am often away from home for weeks at a time. I need a “no matter what” way to power up the box if something goes wrong.

As an example, the Geekworm case I am using now has a jumper setting that, no matter what happened before, if the power is off, applying power will restart the box.

I power the box with a PoE 5V to USB-C splitter, so I can always remotely log into my network switch to cycle the power on that ethernet connection. No matter what goes wrong, I can always boot up the box.

I’m very sorry, we currently power on/off is memorized and can’t make it power on no matter what!