Pironman 4 power button

I have the thing together, but the case power button does nothing.
It won’t start the Pi. It won’t shut down the Pi.
I have checked how I wired it to the board multiple times. From what I see in the instructions it is correct.

Please provide a video of the problem so we can analyze and help resolve the issue.
1.Please check if the power button wiring is connected correctly.
2.Please check if the mainboard has a jumper block installed, and if the pins it’s connected to are correct (see the image).
3.Please install the Pironman software. During the installation process, observe if any errors occur. If so, please provide screenshots so we can help troubleshoot.
4.After successful installation, please test the power on/off function and provide the logs for us to review. (The log file path is: /opt/pironman/log)
To view the logs, use the command: cd /opt/pironman/log