Pironman not functioning?

Good evening, tried looking at previous post to see if anything could help but found nothing. I recently purchased the pironman case and am running my 8g raspberry pi 4 in it and none of the functions kick on. I followed the tutorial and am unable to get the screen to light up the led lights to turn on or anything. Only thing that does happen is the blue light around the power button but about it.

1, please tell me what system you are using (system name, the system is 32-bit or 64-bit, system version), currently only compatible with Raspberry PI OS.
2、Is the motherboard connected to all the shorting tabs? (As shown in the picture)
3, Pironman software services are installed correctly according to the tutorial? Are there any errors reported during installation? (If there are error messages, please provide them to us)
4. Before using Pironman, modify the /boot/config.txt configuration file.
Follow the tutorial link to do this:
5. Please provide us with the logs of the program so that we can locate the problem.

I will switch to Raspberry PI OS and see if that fixes it. I was using twister.

Okay, looking forward to your results.