Pironman v2 not booting

When the power is turned on, some lights on the PI come on (green & red) and a light on the supplied board comes on (red) and that is it. No fans, no RGB, nothing… Had ubuntu 23 installed but went ahead and re-flashed to 22.10 and same thing.

Ive taken it apart and reconnected every connection and made sure they match the instructions for which way the blue strip faces, still doesnt work at all.

Verified the power wires where on the right pins and in the right order (R | G | G | B) so im not really sure what else to check/try. I would think since the supplied board is what has the power, at least the LCD would flicker or some on or something but there is nothing happening other than the few LEDs on the boards as mentioned.

I bought two of these and can return them for different ones as there are quite a few on Amazon but would prefer them to work as these appear to be the nicest ones i saw.

Edit: Nevermind as it is quite annoying trying to get this back to just 22.10 to see if it will work with a fresh install. A thought, consider using LTS versions that are not out of support (22.10 ended 2 months ago because it is not an LTS). I’ll just return both of these and use a different one.

Best of luck!

1、Are all the short connectors on the motherboard connected?
2、Is the Pironman software service installed correctly according to the tutorial? Are there any errors reported during the installation process? (If there is an error message, please provide it to us)
3、Please provide us with the running log of the program so that we can locate the problem, the path of the log file is /opt/pironman/log.
4、I hope you can provide us with a video of the problem, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
5、You try to install pironman software service on your Raspberry Pi system to see if it can be used normally.