Pironman V2 auto-start at boot not working

I have everything working well but when I reboot it does not auto-start. If I manually start it works fine.
here is what I get if I try to turn on auto start:

root@RetroPie:/boot# pironman -a on
enable auto-start at boot
Failed to enable unit: Unit file pironman.service does not exist.
restarting pironman
stopping pironman
pid=8142 10996
run in background
pironman start succeed

I tried starting over and reinstalling everything but get the same issue. any ideas what to try next?

Regarding the power-on autostart issue:
When the Pironman suddenly loses power, the motherboard chip will record the state and automatically boot up next time.
That is to say, when you directly unplug the power to turn off the machine, the motherboard chip will record the state, and the next time it will automatically turn on the machine.
If you press and hold the power button to turn off the computer, it will not turn on the computer next time, and you need to turn off the computer manually.
There is no command to control the power on/off of the pironman.