Orange Pi5 SBC Kits

The Orange Pi-5B WiFi/BT 8-cores is very powerful with GPU. It would be wonderful if SunFounder would create a servo car kit with WiFi/BT and OpenCV camera examples. Similar to the Raspberry Pi4 version that I have for the Top Tech Boy lessons. I use Debian-Bullseye OpenCV-Python3 on the OPi-5 and it works very nice. The Orange Pi5 (23FPS) is much faster than the Raspberry Pi4 (6FPS) on Haar_Faces. Just need some turn-key OPi-5 kits. :sunglasses: Thank you.

This looks like a very interesting and versatile kit for learning and experimenting with Orange Pi5 SBC. I like how it comes with various sensors, modules, and accessories that can be used for different projects. The kit also seems to have a good documentation and support from Sunfounder, a company that specializes in Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits. I would love to try this kit and see what I can create with it. What are some of the projects that you have done or plan to do with this kit?

Best regards, Hanna from CodeIT

This kit is very interesting and one that I would like to try with an Orange Pi-5. I am still trying to get the OPi.GPIO PWM I2C software working on the Orange Pi-5. It is a RPi.GPIO drop-in. However, the pin, Frequency, Duty-Cycle are still a mystery to setup without an error message. Best regards.