Picar-x App not moving

Hi, I tried to use the APP with the Picar-X (the one described under the Section Playing with Python). It all works but when I try to use the joystick for the robot to move, it doesn´t do anything. Thanks

Are you talking about using sunfounder-controller to control the cart?

1、Have you installed sunfounder-controller module correctly?
Installation process whether there is an error report it, if so, please provide error screenshots to us, easy to analyze and solve the problem.

2、Run the code.
cd ~/picar-x/example
sudo python3 app_control.py
You need to make sure your mobile device is connected to the same LAN as PiCar-X.
For the procedure, please follow our tutorial to implement:

3、Please provide a video of the problem to us, so that we can easily analyze and solve the problem.