Picar-X Constantly Needs Reflashing

We have a large amount of the Picar-X kits and have noticed that they need to be reflashed frequently.

My best guess is that the Pis are being undervolted and this is corrupting the SD card.

What is the solution to fix this?

I don’t understand what you mean.
Do you mean that the system reboots frequently?

  1. Are you connecting a battery to power the robot hat and raspberry pi? Make sure the battery power is sufficient.
  2. Try installing our source code on the Raspberry Pi system by replacing the SD card with a new one.
    If this doesn’t answer your question, please provide us with more detailed information, a screenshot of the problem or a video of the problem.

We have tried completely fresh SD cards with no success. They either completely bind up like in the videos below or they run a couple of times before the card gets corrupted and I have to reflash them.

All of the connections seem to be fine from just looking at them.

Here are some videos to illustrate what is happening. This occurs as soon as the video_car program is running on Python or soon after: