Picar-X Template not on downloaded from APP Store(iOS)

After downloading and running the Sunfounder Controller OS App I found that there was no Picar-x template listed. There were others but no Picar-x. I opened the blank synchronized with the Picar-x, defined a couple of the blank keys and attempted to run, no control at all.

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i have the same problem, didn’t run the picar-x at all like it used to regardless of the template.

Greetings, I was persistent and used the Blank template. I added/defined the control buttons as seen in Sunfounder’s installation for the Picar-x, saved the setup and hit the Run button…low and behold the Picar-x responded and ran/responded as expected.

1、What is the version of APP you are currently using? The recent version is 1.5.6 Oh.
2、The preset template area is swipeable left and right, the template for picar-x products is on the right side and needs to be swiped. (Please watch the video)

3、You can give us your operation steps, recording video, easy to analyze and solve the problem.

Thanks much, what a dummy, I didn’t realize I simply had to swipe left to display the entirety of the template selection.
Thank you again

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