PIronman board shorts when three GPIO ports are set to high

I’m trying to use the GPIO ports on the PIronman board to drive some mosfets. The first two work great, but the moment I turn the third one on the board shorts and the entire system immediately turns off. I’ve tried a variety of GPIO ports in case one the third one is bad, but all of them cause the shutdown. Hoping it was just using too much voltage to support I plugged a second power supply directly into the raspberry and tested. This time the raspberry stayed running, but the PIronman board shut down. I also disconnected all wires from the GPIO lines to make sure there wasn’t a hardware short.

My next test is to force the LEDs being driven by the board off to see if I can conserve some power.

Anyone else try using the GPIO ports? All you need to do is set three of them HIGH.

Update: I shut off the LED and the problem persists.

I am sorry I didn’t quite understand your question.
What code did you execute?
Please refer to our tutorial link carefully:
GPIO26 cannot be moved because it is a shutdown signal. Once you run the code, set GPIO26 to a high level. If the motherboard detects the high level, it will power off and shut down.
Note: The GPIO pins of the RGB lights can be changed, please refer to the tutorial:


Thank you so much! I didn’t see that set of docs that explains the pinout. I changed my code to use pins 17, 22, and 27 and it’s works fine! I appreciate you taking the time to answer!

We are glad to know the issue is resolved. :smiley: